May 27, 2010

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Ken Arnold

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Arnold: Congress should protect working families, not Washington cronies

WESTMINSTER—United Auto Workers (UAW) Region Five, on Thursday endorsed Ken Arnold for Congress, calling him the best candidate to help keep and create manufacturing jobs in southern California.

“American working families have been hit hard by the economic crisis, and we need true leaders in Congress like Ken Arnold who will protect the people’s interests not the interests of Washington corporate lobbyists,” said Bruce Allen Lee, western regional director for UAW. “He’ll always be the people’s guy in the people’s seat. Ken Arnold knows how tough it is out there. He’ll fight to create manufacturing jobs in southern California and reverse the failed economic policies of the past.”

UAW Region Five consists of active and retired members in 17 western and southwestern states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Washington. UAW represents manufacturing and aerospace employees, agricultural implement workers, academic student employees, and readers and tutors at the nine teaching campuses in California.

Mr. Arnold said he is grateful for the support of UAW’s working men and women, and will work together with union leadership and the Obama administration to create more quality jobs in the region. As a business systems analyst who has worked with aerospace engineers, Ken Arnold understands the importance of the industry.

"I am humbled by the support of the hard-working men and women of Region Five’s United Auto Workers," Mr. Arnold said. "The UAW helped create our country's middle class, and I’m going to fight side by side with them to keep good-paying manufacturing jobs here in southern California. Many families here are dependent on our aerospace companies, and I want to make sure we support our workers and keep these jobs here.”

The UAW Region Five endorsement compliments Arnold’s many local and statewide endorsements, including the California Democratic Party and the California Labor Federation. Mr. Arnold said he looks forward to future endorsements by national labor, environmental, justice, business and other groups.

“Jobs, corporate accountability, better schools, sustainable environment—these are my priorities,” Mr. Arnold said. “If you’re not on the people’s side, you’re on the wrong side. It’s time to hold Wall Street and corporate America accountable for layoffs and taxpayer bailouts. It’s time to fight for quality jobs. This election is about people versus power. Instead of protecting working families, our current congressman has fought to protect his Washington cronies, the oil Industry and his Wall Street sponsors. In today’s economy, that’s just unconscionable.”




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